Toasty – Meme Lord Serving the Lord

We’re here with Mr. Toasty, class of 2020

XASS: How did you get the name Toasty?

Toasty: So back in middle school I talked about toast *one time*. And then my friends started calling me Toasty and so on my application to Stanford I put Mr. Toasty as my preferred name. And since Stanford’s real respectful of that, it shows up on my door and my email and roll call for classes and Toasty was born.

XASS: That’s funny. Where did you grow up?

Toasty: I grew up just outside of Los Angeles in Culver City. Nice little area. Sort of pinched between Los Angeles and the beach.

XASS: Brothers, sisters?

Toasty: I have one younger brother. He’s starting at Pepperdine this year. Excited for him.

XASS: You have a native heritage, right? Tell us more.

Toasty: My dad is from North Carolina, which is where our tribe is centered. It’s the Lumbee tribe. I actually went to our first homecoming just a few weeks back. That was actually a really cool experience – seeing the powwow and, like, 1000 people that are almost your family members.

XASS: So what are you majoring in?

Toasty: I’m majoring in human biology, doing the whole premed ordeal. Almost done.

XASS: What’s the draw of medicine for you?

Toasty: I really just like the science of medicine, especially in this last year. Just seeing all of the intricacy of biology and how there’s this system that seems to just operate on its own purely off of principles that seem to just exist to make those systems work.

XASS: How did you get involved in Chi Alpha?

Toasty: I actually got involved because admit weekend my room host was Neville who was in Chi Alpha, and he recommended both New Beginnings Church and Chi Alpha as good communities to be a part of. And so when I came in the fall, I joined New Beginnings Church and haven’t left and joined Chi Alpha and haven’t left that either.

XASS: Sweet! Would you say Stanford has been positive for your faith, a challenge for your faith, or in-between? What’s the journey been like here?

Toasty: I would say generally pretty positive for my faith, especially because sort of moving away from the parents forces you to to be more independent about decisions regarding if you’re going to continue being in church and you don’t feel like, “Oh, well, what would my parents want me to do?” because they won’t know. [laughs] So it’s been good for that. And I think that I have found a good community of kids who really promote growth in my walk and I’m grateful for them.

XASS: So what some things you’re into that people might not expect?

Toasty: Some things that I really enjoy…. I really, really love memes. Honestly, I could just meme out for hours. I have thousands of memes on my phone. If the conversation ever turns to memes in a rare scenario, I’m ready. I’m ready to show everyone what I’m flexing.

[both laugh]

XASS: You’re also into personal training, right?

Toasty: Yeah.

XASS: How’d that come about?

Toasty: So starting in high school, I just really got into weightlifting. It was fun — something to do with the boys. But it became an academic interest toward the end of high school. And then I wanted to start working with a lot of kids who didn’t know anything about the gym and weren’t familiar with it. And so I got a personal training certification. Sort of to be qualified enough to take newbies into the gym. That’s been pretty rewarding. Just taking people in and showing them basic rules and etiquette. And it’s been it’s been cool to see some people that I took to the gym for their first time regulars there now.

XASS: That’s awesome. Do you have a favorite Bible verse?

Toasty: Yeah, my favorite Bible verse is 1st Corinthians 16:14. I discovered it when a previous girlfriend got a little poster for me and it just said, “Let all that you do be done in love.” And that was a good reminder to just keep over my bed. I think if I had to sum up the mantra of Christian living, it’s “let all that you do be done in love.”

XASS: All right. And this is a question we always ask in the spotlight series. Are you in a relationship?

Toasty: No, not currently.

XASS: Okay. Are you looking?

Toasty: No, not currently.

XASS: Thank you for your time and God bless!