Join Our Slack

One of the main ways we stay connected is through our Slack Workspace: – install the app from and enable notifications!

The initial login can be tricky – Slack and Stanford’s security features can interact to cause strange behavior. Some tips you can try if clicking doesn’t automatically work:

  • Our Slack is hosted on the Stanford system, so make sure you’re logged in with your SUNet.
  • Try this link to the workspaces search page: and search for “Chi Alpha”
  • If you have a hard time with your phone, try accessing it from a laptop.
  • If you are already logged in to another Stanford Slack workspace, you can click the name of the Slack workspace on the top left and from the drop-down menu choose, “Add Workspaces” and then “Find more Stanford University Workspaces” and then search for “Chi Alpha”.

Remember – once you have joined the Chi Alpha Slack, be sure you enable notifications on your mobile device. That’s the point of a group chat! Slack’s notification instructions are detailed and helpful.