Hadassah, The Newberry Afficianado

“I just wanted to hear about doubt and how that applied to life at Stanford.”

Today we’re interviewing Hadassah, class of 2022.

XASS: Hadassah, welcome. So let’s start with the basic information. Where you from? What’s your family like? Just just give us a sense of who you are.

Hadassah: All right. I am from Memphis, Tennessee. Born and raised. I have a mother and father and brother and sister. My brother is 15 and my sister is 13. My mom is a physician, and my dad works in IT at AutoZone.

XASS: And what do you major in? Have you decided yet?

Hadassah: I am undeclared. But hopefully political science.

XASS: Okay. Why political science?

Hadassah: I love policy. I think it’s super fascinating. I’m also premed, and I’m really interested in health policy. And that’s kind of the intersection of the two tracks.

XASS: Okay, so why did you get involved with Chi Alpha? How’d that happen?

Hadassah: I Googled “Christian Fellowship on campus” during NSO and found the website for Chi Alpha. I emailed you and you responded and said that Chi Alpha was doing reFARMation, so I came to reFARMation. And you spoke about Doubting Thomas, which was the topic I had really wanted… I just wanted to hear about doubt and how that applied to life at Stanford. And you did on the first day, so I decided to stick with that.

XASS: How cool. Have you gone through a season of doubt or questioning here at Stanford?

Hadassah: Well, not at Stanford. But when I was a junior in high school, yes.

XASS: What advice would you give to someone who’s going through something like that right now?

Hadassah: I would say that instead of focusing on scientific proofs that direct you to God – unless that’s your thing, go for it — for me, personally, spending time in prayer with God by myself has pointed me more towards the existence of God than just reading about the rationale behind God.

XASS: So be a scientist and do an experiment, don’t be a philosopher and pontificate. Sorry, I got a little preacherly there.

**both laugh**

XASS: Do you have a favorite Bible verse?

Hadassah: I have a favorite passage. Romans 8! It very succinctly describes the depravity of the human condition, the redemptive work of the Spirit in us, and the overwhelming and boundless love God has for His children.

XASS: Awesome! What is something you’re passionate about that most people probably don’t know? What are your quirky hobbies?

Hadassah: Hobbies? I really love to read children’s fiction. I like to go through the list of Newbery winners and read at least a couple a year.

editor’s note: TIL it is spelled Newbery and not Newberry

XASS: That’s awesome. What’s one you would recommend?

Hadassah: The Bronze Bow.

XASS: Okay. And are you in a relationship?

Hadassah: [Laughs] Next question!

XASS: [Laughing] I think that will wrap things up, then. Thank you for your time!