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Honor Our Graduates


Saturday May 21 from 7-9pm We will be honoring our graduates with a dessert reception at the Bechtel Assembly Room. Come celebrate with them!


4 registered: Alex L, Brandon A, Lauryn L, Zoey H. Come along with us - rsvp now!

Spring Retreat


Memorial Day Weekend (May 27-30) Join us in Santa Cruz for our annual prayer and planning retreat. There will be study time built into the schedule, so don’t let academics hold you back. $25 early bird registration, $35 if you wait.


22 registered: Alex L, Andrea C, Antonio F, Becca D, Brandon A, Caleb M, Daniel R, Deborah J, Elijah K, Fitz G, Glen D, Grace C, Hadassah B, Hannah K, Hunter L, Johannes H, Laura G, Noah L, Osose E, Paula D, Thomas A, Wiley S. Come along with us - rsvp now!

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