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Chi Alpha Christmas Party

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Friday, Dec 6th at 8pm, at an epic mansion in Saratoga Come celebrate the season with Chi Alpha! Graham-cracker-house competition, ugly Christmas sweaters, carols and more!



55 registered: Aaron S, Abigail S, Adam Z, Alex L, Amy S, Amy W, Annika N, Anthea B, Antonio F, Apoorva A, Arian T, Brendan L, Chris R, Christine W, Dana D, Daniel C, Daniel R, Deborah J, Dorothy K, Dylan L, Elise C, Elise M, Elsa S, Faa D, Fabien J, Faith K, Fitz G, George L, Glen D, Grace K, Jesha K, Johannes H, Josiah W, Justin O, Keniel Y, Lauryn L, Lina A, Madeline S, Manuel T, Mariela P, McKenna L, Min R, Minha K, Myriam Y, Nadia J, Naomi S, Nathaniel S, Noah H, Noah L, Parker W, Paula D, Riley D, Shiwen Z, Xander D, alex a. Come along with us - rsvp now!
Christmas Party

West Coast SALT

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Jan 2-5, Santa Cruz Join with hundreds of students from our sister chapters in California and Arizona for an amazing time at the legendary Mt. Hermon conference center in the Santa Cruz mountains. Register here.








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