Text Message Announcements

We have a low-volume (2-3 messages per week) text message announcements system. It’s the modern equivalent of ringing the church bells to remind people that service is about to begin.

If you want to be kept in the loop, text JOIN to (650) 352-3647. We suggest you save the number in your contact list as XA (or Chi Alpha if you really want a first name and a last name).

If you ever want to stop receiving messages, text STOP to the same number.

You can always receive these instructions by texting HELP to the same number.

You can get a sense of the volume by looking at our most recent text messages:

When Text Message
Wed, Jul 8 @ 4:27pm Join us at XA as we talk about why we trust the Bible. Streaming now at https://live.xastanford.org/ – encore at 7:30pm tonight and 6:30am tomorrow.
Wed, Jul 1 @ 7:27pm Chi Alpha is streaming now at https://live.xastanford.org – join us as we ask “If God is so good, why is the world so messed up?”
Wed, Jun 24 @ 4:29pm Chi Alpha is streaming now at https://live.xastanford.org/ – come reconnect, recalibrate, and get refreshed! Encore services at 7:30pm and 6:30am Thu (PST)
Wed, Jun 17 @ 7:28pm Worship is streaming now at https://live.xastanford.org/ – join us for our “Embracing Faith” summer series!

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Wed, Jun 10 @ 4:29pm Streaming now – come worship God and celebrate our 2020 grads at https://live.xastanford.org/ – encore at 7:30pm PST and 6:30am PST tomorrow.
Wed, Jun 3 @ 7:27pm XA streaming now – join us at https://live.xastanford.org/ for worship and to hear Sean Smith talk about a Christian response to racism.
Wed, May 27 @ 4:28pm XA is streaming our first service now! Special guest speaker talking about becoming a leader. https://live.xastanford.org/ – also 7:30 PST, 6:30am tmrw
Wed, May 20 @ 7:28pm XA is streaming now! https://live.xastanford.org – worship by Jesha, testimony by Deborah, original song by Naomi, and conclusion of “Love Is ____” series
Wed, May 6 @ 7:27pm Come worship with us at https://live.xastanford.org/ – streaming now!
Wed, Apr 29 @ 7:01pm Worship is so cool tonight! Come praise alongside a five person transatlantic team: 7:30pm PST at https://live.xastanford.org/
Wed, Apr 22 @ 4:00pm Join us for worship! Services start streaming in 30 minutes at live.xastanford.org – 4:30pm PST, 7:30pm PST, and tomorrow morning at 6:30am PST.
Wed, Apr 15 @ 4:02pm It’s nearly time for the first of our midweek services https://live.xastanford.org – they’ll be going Wed 4:30pm, Wed 7:30pm and Thur 6:30am. Join us!
Wed, Apr 8 @ 4:02pm Get ready – services start soon at https://live.xastanford.org Come to whichever works for you – at 4:30pm PST, at 7:30pm PST, or at 6:30am PST tomorrow.
Wed, Apr 1 @ 7:00pm Ready to worship? So are we! https://live.xastanford.org is kicking off on the half hour.

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Wed, Mar 25 @ 7:01pm We’ve got an improved online experience tonight. Join us for worship at 7:30pm PST at https://live.xastanford.org/

Living overseas? Encore service at 3:30am