Worship Meetings

When Do We Meet?

We have two worship meetings each week. We meet every Tuesday and Wednesday night from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. whenever school is in session (in other words, don’t come looking for us over Christmas break). The two meetings are identical – just pick one.

On Tuesdays we’ll be meeting in the Old Union Sanctuary (on the 3rd floor) Oct 18th and 25th and then from November 1st onward we will be meeting on the first floor of Koret Pavilion (interactive map)

map to Koret Pavilion

On Wednesdays we meet on the quad in 370-370 (interactive map).

map to 370-370

If you happen to live off-campus, remember that parking is free in pay spots after 4 p.m., and you can also park in zones labeled A, C, and Z after 4 p.m (although that’s changing to 6pm in some zones this year). The best place to park for Wednesdays is the Oval (Google map). From the Oval, walk towards the church with the mural on it. It should be pretty obvious as you’re driving down Palm Drive. Halfway through the quad stop and turn right. There should be a gap between the buildings. Head towards that gap. Building 370 will be the far building on your right as you pass through the gap.What Will Happen?Here’s a typical meeting: