Just For Grad Students

Welcome to the Chi Alpha grad student community! We’re excited to be a home and a formative part of your journey as you pursue your graduate education at Stanford. We are a diverse group of friends who actively support each other in our pursuit to live like Jesus taught us to. We pray, study the word, share meals, mourn and laugh together.

The Chi Alpha grad community has our own special life groups and grad-student-specific social events, and we join together with the undergrads at Chi Alpha worship services and retreats. We’d love to connect and get to know you more. You can reach out to our leaders, Aish [avenkatr at stanford dot edu] (Ph.D. candidate in Bioengineering) and Oskar [triebe at stanford dot edu] (Ph.D. candidate in Industrial AI).

And if you’re a new grad student, we’d love to send you a welcome gift. Click here to give us your info.

Some Photos Of Our Activities

About The Grad Student Community

Every Monday from 7-8pm Pacific our grad students all get together. If you are new, this is your first point of connection. Feel free to join in from whatever time zone you are in! More info here. Contact Aish at avenkatr at stanford dot edu or Oskar at triebe at stanford dot edu for the zoom link.

Our regular (pre-coronavirus) structure consisted of a weekly communal dinner followed by a Bible study and discussion, similar to a house church. Other activities included lunches, hiking, game nights, and camping trips. We plan to return a similar format once it has been deemed safe to start meeting in larger groups again.

For now, we are making the best of virtual life – we meet for game nights, prayer and worship sessions, dance and karaoke partys, documentary nights, and sometimes, we just hang and talk about life. This fall, we are preparing to sometimes meet again in a socially distant manner outdoors as far as Stanford and any applicable laws permit us.

Grad Student Life Group Breakouts

We also have two small group discussions that meet weekly. These life groups are where we encourage one another in our spiritual growth and build real friendships in a smaller, more intimate setting. You can join the coed “Real Relations” group (contact Aishwarya Venkatramani at avenkatr at stanford dot edu to get involved) or the discipleship-focused ”Pink Pandas” group (contact Oskar Triebe at triebe at stanford dot edu to get involved). Currently, both groups meet right after the main grad hangout, at 8pm Pacific.