Just For Grad Students

Chi Alpha loves grad students! We have a very active graduate student community composed of both masters and PhD candidates.

Our grad students join together with the undergrads at our worship services and retreats, and they also have their own special life groups and grad student-specific social events. For more info, email Elise at ejmsatx@gmail.com

The Grad Student Community

Every Thursday at 7pm our grad students all get together. If you are new, this is your first point of connection. More info here.

Grad Student Life Group Breakouts

In conjunction with the grad student community gathering, the grad students also have life group breakouts. You are welcome at any of them.

Thursdays 6pm Pink Pandas Grad Student Life Group
Thursdays 8pm Hearing From God Grad Student Life Group
Saturdays 4pm Real Relationships Grad Student Life Group

Leaders of the Grad Student Community