Fisher Plays Football

XASS: Fisher, welcome! Thank you so much for joining us for the Spotlight series. Let’s start with the basics. Where are you from? And what do you hope to major in?

Fisher: I’m from Nashville, Tennessee. Specifically a suburb called Franklin. I hope to major in symbolic systems if I can get through math 51 series, and I might minor in religious studies or communications.

XASS: Okay, that’s really interesting. What do you hope to do when you graduate?

Fisher: I’d like to play in the NFL. For as long as I can. And then possibly get a job in the real world and then go into ministry somewhere.

XASS: Outstanding! Obviously football is a huge part of your life. How did that begin? When did you start playing football?

Fisher: I started when I was about five. And it was just kind of a natural next step that my parents put me into, but I didn’t like it very much at that age. I was actually about to quit in middle school, and my dad convinced me to stick through it. Which I’m very grateful for that advice. And yeah, still playing today.

XASS: Do you come from a football family? Do you have a lineage of football?

Fisher: Actually, no. There’s no football in my family. My dad played basketball in college. And my mom had to learn the rules of football when I started playing in high school, so not a whole lot of history there.

XASS: I assume you have played different positions at different seasons of your development, which position did you enjoy the most?

Fisher: I loved playing kicker and punter for my middle school team. I enjoyed playing middle linebacker as well. But in high school, and up until now, all I’ve played is offensive tackle. And hopefully, one day, I can catch a pass on a tackle screen and score a touchdown. Usually, something very bad has happened when a lineman touches the ball. This was the case against Oregon this year, where I picked up the ball on a sack fumble that I had just caused.

XASS: Sweet! To state the obvious, you are a large man. What are your stats? How big are you?

Fisher: My physical statistics? 6 foot 7 inches tall and depending on the day 300 pounds.

XASS: What’s your most impressive lift?

Fisher: Probably back squat I can do about 500 pounds depending on the day as well.

XASS: Clearly, you have an academic life because you got into Stanford. You also have an athletic life, which is consuming a lot of your time. Are there any other big parts of your life like other hobbies or interests?

Fisher: Yeah, I’d say like every year or two I cycle through like a different hobby. Like during COVID I start playing disc golf. And I put all of my attention into that. It was too much maybe but anyway, I love playing and I won a couple tournaments at the intermediate level. I play pickleball a lot in my free time. I’m trying to learn guitar and fine tune some piano skills. I don’t know what the next hobby will be. Just recently my eyes have been opened to the world of lock picking, which has been very handy to learn.

XASS: And how did you get connected to Chi Alpha?

Fisher: When I first got here, I was exploring all different groups. I made a list on my phone of like every group and I told myself I’d go to each one at least once. So the first couple weeks I did an exploratory week I guess just went to every single group. And I remember I showed up 45 minutes late to Chi Alpha with a box of food and I sat in a corner and no one said anything about my lateness or the food. I loved it. I didn’t get in trouble. And the worship was amazing. So I came back and realized they’re great people and it seems to be one of the most authentic groups that I’ve seen.

XASS: That’s really encouraging. So if I knew you better is there something I would know to ask you about? Is there some really amazing anecdote, or escapade or factoid about your life?

Fisher: Maybe like other sports. I played almost every sport in middle school. Or maybe my travels.

XASS: What was your favorite sport besides football?

Fisher: Honestly, probably disc golf. But in high school I played basketball and then wrestling and track and field and got decently good at each of those and then went on to the next one.

XASS: And it sounds like you’ve done some traveling. Where have you gone?

Fisher: Yeah. My parents are both big on travel. So they kind of brought me along to all 50 states by the time I was 15. And my favorite travel was probably to Hawaii and Alaska. And then I spent a week in Germany as well. That was fun.

XASS: Do you have brothers or sisters who went on the trips with you?

Fisher: Yeah, I have a sister who also likes to travel and just finished living in Mexico teaching English to kids. Now, she lives in London pursuing a masters degree in nutrition.

XASS: Has Stanford been a positive spiritual experience for you, negative or neutral?

Fisher: It’s been positive for sure. My first month or two here was a little bit of spiritual backlash because I was coming from such a good experience at home. Having a routine and like really one of the most spiritually intimate times of my life, then coming here to so much newness and things going on to adjust to, I kind of got off track a little bit. I’m back to a higher point of Stanford becoming a positive spiritual experience having groups to go to and kind of just like a… I don’t really know how to phrase it but I’m at a point where my faith is not just in my head. Like it’s not like an option to go back. Whereas I feel like in the beginning at Stanford, I felt like I had an option to get into the word or to go to church on Sunday. But it’s not really optional anymore in my head, which is a big step. It doesn’t feel like an obligation to go to church or Chi Alpha any given week, it is just a natural expression of the relationship that I want to build with Jesus as my best friend.

XASS: Outstanding, so just one more question, and it’s the classic Spotlight Series question probably new to you. Fisher, are you in a relationship?

Fisher: Yes I am.

XASS: Any details you’d care to share?

Fisher: Sure. 6 months ago you asked me this question and I said “not yet” with a smile. I’m very happy to be out of that talking phase and in an awesome dating relationship now. It has brought me so much joy to be able to pursue Christ alongside someone else who has the same goals. Frankly, it is an expression of God’s love that I have never been able to see on full display in my life until this point. Although not necessary in anyone’s life, a relationship with the opposite sex focused solely on worshiping Jesus had been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, with the help of the Holy Spirit. If you are looking for one, be very intentional about where you look. That could make all the difference.

XASS: Fisher, thank you for your time.