Welcome to Chi Alpha!


What Is Chi Alpha?

We are a community of students earnestly following Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit at Stanford University. Learn more.

What Makes Chi Alpha Different?

What people tell us stands out about Chi Alpha is how diverse our community is, how vibrant our worship is, and how much we emphasize the ministry of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life. Also, we have a pastor who preaches every week. If you like him, that’s a positive. If you don’t, that’s a negative. 🙂

Having said that, there are several wonderful Christian groups at Stanford. We love and support one another, and by the time you are an upperclassman you will have friends from all of the fellowships on campus.

What Are Chi Alpha Meetings Like?

We have a lot of meetings, but the two most significant kinds are our life groups and our worship gatherings. They are quite different. Life groups are small, relational Bible discussions. Our worship gatherings are larger, filled with music (our worship team is pretty great), and feature a sermon (see our sermon archives).

Who Is In Chi Alpha?

In a typical quarter roughly 100 students (a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students) are significantly involved with Chi Alpha. On any given week about 80 will be at one of our on-campus worship services and around that many will be in one of our life groups. You can read interviews with Chi Alpha members or check us out on Facebook to see who is part of our ministry.

How Can I Get Involved?

Great question! Probably the easiest thing you can do online is join our email list and also text JOIN to (650) 352-3647 to start receiving weekly text message announcements from us. You should also visit one of our online worship services and join a life group. If you’re musical, jam with our worship team and see if there’s a good fit there.

Are you a new frosh or a transfer?

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