Bible Reading Plans And Helps

Bible Reading Checklists

  • The Bible Highlights Reel. New to the Bible? Read these chapters for an overview.
  • Want to read through the New Testament? This chart will guide you through in a reader-friendly way. Instead of reading all four gospels back-to-back, it has you read the New Testament in four chunks each anchored by a gospel.
  • Ready to read the entire Bible? This simple handout lists every chapter in the Bible. Each time you read one, cross it off. It’s easy to see where you still need to read!

Bible Reading Helps

Other Chi Alpha Resources

  • Chi Alpha Ministry Leadership Resources – especially useful for life group and worship team leaders.
  • Essays by Pastor Glen – he writes a lot of stuff. Some of it he remembers to put online. If you ever see a handout at Chi Alpha and can’t find it online, let him know so he can upload it.