What’s Up With The Platypus?

What’s up with the platypus? I mean, have you ever looked at the things? They’ve got fur, a duck bill, webbed feet, they lay eggs, and they’re poisonous–what’s up with that? It’s almost as though some demented scientist went Frankenstein on a farm. The pieces just don’t seem to fit.

God is good, yet pain runs rampant on the earth. The pieces just don’t seem to fit.

We live in a platypus world, and it can be pretty darn confusing at times. People have been asking God about this for ages, and one time God answered.

The questioner’s name was Job, and he was fed up with his platypus situation. Things didn’t add up, and he wanted to let God know about in no uncertain terms.

So come to Chi Alpha this Tuesday at 7:30pm and hear what God told Job. If you’re like me, you’ll find it surprising…

this message will serve as a placeholder for the notes from my talk