The Seven Deadly Sins: Anger


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Third message in the series The Seven Deadly Sins
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Speaker: Glen Davis – 2/9/2005

Here’s this week’s handout:

Anger: A Sin-opsis
The Sin Cluster: Hatred, Impatience, Contempt, Bitterness, Profanity, Vengeance
The Virtues They Distort: Outrage, Passion
Biblical Stories About:

  • Jonah: grew angry because God was merciful to Ninevah (Jonah 4)
  • Nebuchadnezzar: flew off the handle when 3 men refused to worship him (Daniel 3)
  • Balaam: beat his donkey because it didn’t do what he wanted (Numbers 22:22-35)
  • Uzziah: raged at the priests when they told him to stop sinning (2 Chron 26:16-20)
  • David: his anger led him to repentance (2 Samuel 12)

According to the Bible, Anger

  • is not always a sin—Psalm 4:4, 1 Sam 11:6, Mark 3:5
  • can lead to wrongdoing—Psalm 37:8, Prov 29:22, Prov 30:33, James 1:19-20
  • is a fool’s game—Prov 29:11, Ecc 7:9
  • must not be nursed—Eph 4:26
  • is often provoked by rudeness—Prov 15:1, 25:23
  • can grieve the Holy Spirit—Eph 4:30-31

God’s Anger

  • takes a long time to incur—Neh 9:17
  • burns fiercely—Psalm 90:11
  • passes quickly—Psalm 30:5
  • is consciously restrained—Psalm 78:38
  • is almost always invoked by idolatry—see whole Old Testament
  • accomplishes its goal: Jeremiah 30:24
  • is praiseworthy—Psalm 76:10

Some Questions:
When is anger justified?

What should I do when I’m angry?