Party At Our Place!

Fed up with finals? Need a chance to chill?

Come party at our place tonight at 7:00pm! You’re on your own for supper, but we will have some snacks available.

Party At Our Place!

Gumbo party at our place! Never eaten gumbo before? Gumbo is the Cajun equivalent of “Whatchagot Stew.” The particular gumbo we’re serving tomorrow is a “Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.”

Just show up Friday night around 6pm (we’re pretty flexible: before or after is fine).

Also featuring an XBox, and some of the friendliest and most fun people this side of San Francisquito Creek!

We live at 1704 Oak Creek Drive, and we’re in apartment 304. Here’s a map to our apartment.

* Get on Campus Drive loop.
* Take Campus Drive to Stock Farm Road (near the Medical Center).
* Turn onto Stock Farm Road
* Proceed to the traffic light at Sand Hill Road
* Turn left onto Sand Hill Road
* The very next right is Oak Creek Drive.
* Oak Creek Drive forms a loop against Sand Hill Road. We’re in building 1704, which is almost completely around to the middle of the loop.
* You can park anywhere you want except under the buildings.

If you prefer, the Marguerite Shuttle SLAC line passes by Oak Creek, but it stops running pretty early.

It’s a pretty short bike ride, as well. If you’d like, Paula and I can provide transportation–just email us and let us know!