Luis Helps To Build Guatemalan Ministry Center

Check it out: our very own Chi Alpha president, Luis Trujillo, is in the Stanford Daily for helping to construct a community center for abused teens, former prostitutes and others in Guatemala: Class designs facility for Guatemalan town.

A Stanford architecture class is playing a vital role in the construction of a community center and school in Amatitlan, Guatemala. Designing all aspects of the project from dormitories to a church and retreat center these students will show their work at a professional presentation to potential clients and contributors on Monday.

The Guatemalan facility will be a campus for the Center for the Restoration of Women and the Socially Disregarded, also referred to as the CEREM project, after the Christian organization sponsoring its development. The center will act as a residential center and school for homeless children and former prostitutes, as well as a church and place of retreat.

One of the amazing things about CEREM is the people who started it, said Luis Trujillo, another teaching assistant who is also acting as the client representative responsible for communicating the facilitys needs to student designers. They have really challenged me to give all that I have. You dont do this because you feel sorry for these people, but rather you do it out of love for them and the potential that you see in them.

Luis has actually been a key player in this thing from start to finish. He’s got a marginal role in the article, but Luis is the guy who set the ball in motion, hooked CEREM up with the Stanford class, and has generally been pushing to make it happen!

Way to go, Luis! We’re proud of you: getting a Stanford class to design a Christian ministry center is an awesome way to leverage the gifts and opportunities God has given you.

UPDATE: there’s another article on the Stanford website that covers the project from a slightly different angle. It also gives Luis a little more prominence (well-deserved, I might add).