So You’re Coming To Stanford

Thrive Spiritually At Stanford
Will your faith grow stronger or weaker over the next four years? The choice is yours, and the time to make it is now. Generations of students testify that you can thrive spiritually at Stanford, and the key is to intentionally cultivate your faith.

A brief greeting from Glen Davis, the campus pastor of Chi Alpha:

  • Read tips for new students from a sophomore who’s been there and a reflection on one student’s first year on campus!
  • Check out our recommended reading list for new students to prepare for the intellectual challenges you’ll find here at the Farm.
  • Scope out the Christian groups at Stanford. You can find the official list on the Stanford Associated Religions website. Scroll down a little to see it. You can see another list at the Student Groups directory. It’s pretty much the same, just formatted differently.
  • Pray. Specifically, pray that God would do a few things:
    1. Ask God to prepare you for the challenges and opportunities you’ll face at Stanford.
    2. Ask God to give you favor with your roommate, and that also request that He perform a powerful work in their life this summer.
    3. Ask God to help you quickly find a community of Christians on campus that you can be strengthened by and have fun with. by the way–we hope that’s us!
  • Be encouraged–we’re praying for you all summer long.

Chi Alpha Is Here to Help You
We’ve mentioned plugging into a Christian community of students here at Stanford. In case you haven’t figured it out, we’d love to be the group you check out first!

We hope to help you thrive spiritually at Stanford by providing you with resources, encouragement, and a group of friends who will be there for you. If that sounds like the sort of thing you’re looking for, learn more about us!

To Learn More About Chi Alpha

  • Read Chi Alpha in a nutshell.
  • IM our fearless leader:
  • Sign up for Chi Alpha’s group discussion list. Just send an email to with the following in the body: subscribe chialpha-fellowship
  • Also sign up to receive Chi Alpha’s email announcements (the form is on the sidebar of every page). These are different from the discussion group messages. Those are student-to-student ongoing conversation. This is a weekly update on ‘the haps’ that we send out. The two lists don’t really overlap in content, so we urge you to sign up for both.
  • Just poke around the site for a while! We update it regularly, so if you use an RSS reader subscribe to our feed (.92, 2.00, atom)!