Spring Retreat 2003

We just got back from Spring Retreat–it was awesome!

The photos we took are now online.

We also have an MP3 of Scott’s closing session. Owing to some technical challenges we weren’t able to get the first two sessions at all, and the third is of extremely poor quality. The fourth one (this one) came out pretty well, though.

In closing, here’s one testimony of what God did: Shaowei had been tormented by vivid nightmares. At retreat, he mentioned it to his friends over supper and they all told him that he should ask the retreat speaker, Scott, to pray that the nightmares would cease.

So Shaowei and his friends went to the worship session, and Scott preached about the power of the Holy Spirit. At the end of his sermon he invited people forward to be prayed for. As he was inviting people up, Scott paused and told the audience that God had informed him that someone in the room was plagued by nightmares and that the person should come forward to receive prayer (in the Bible, this is referred to as a ‘word/utterance/message of knowledge’ and is mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:8 and demonstrated in passages such as Acts 9:10-19).

Needless to say, Shaowei’s eyes were about to pop out of his head! In his words, “I walked towards the pastor, ready to tell him what I need prayers for, but when I approached him I started crying for no reason, and I broke down before him. He laid hands on me, and I lost control of myself. I saw the images of all the nightmares I ever had flash before me… I felt fear from the nightmares come, and then dissolve away one by one as the Lord told me, ‘Be peaceful, be healed.’ Last night, I had one of the most peaceful sleeps in my life. I am deeply indebted to the Lord for his deliverance.”

Praise God!