Don’t Be Deceived By Fine-Sounding Arguments

Each week at Chi Alpha we record our messages in MP3 format, and we also maintain a sermon archive (which includes instructions on receiving our sermons as a podcast). This week we prove that a penny is equal to a dollar:

$1.00 = 100c
$1.00 = (10c)^2
$1.00 = ($0.10)^2
$1.00 = $0.01

You don’t have to be able to identify a flaw in an argument to reject it. Sometimes it just fails to survive the laboratory of reality. It’s true of mathematical tricks and it’s true of broader philosophies. In Colossians 2:4-10, Paul explains how we can respond to fine-sounding arguments that ultimately hold no water.


Hitting the play button above is the easiest way to listen, but if you prefer to download the message you can click the link below:

Do Not Be Deceived
Length: 29:10
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Format MP3
Speaker: Glen Davis – 10/26/2005

P.S. If you’re dying to know what the flaw in the “proof” is, pay closer attention to the units of measurement. A penny and a penny squared are not the same thing.