A Tool You Can Use To Invite Your Friends

I’ve created a simple tool to help you invite your friends to Chi Alpha.
It’s a small Flash file (<100k) you can email to your friends. Right click on this link to download it: check_out_xa.swf

1) Email it to one person at a time–if you send it to everyone you know
they’ll assume it’s junk mail (and they’ll be right).

2) Talk to the person about Chi Alpha first. Something like this is much
better as a reminder than as an initial exposure.

3) Use something like this for the body of the message (but be sure to put it in your own words):

Hey–how’s it going? Keeping on top of all your classes?

Anyway, I was thinking about you and wanted to send you a quick reminder
about that Christian group I was telling you about. I think you’d really
like it (it’s fun and the topics are both interesting and practical). I’ve attached a little Flash animation about the group–check it out.

Come as my guest this Tuesday at 8–it would be the highlight of my week!

Please give me some feedback–I want to make this useful for you! I
tried to make it cool yet keep it small, so there’s no jazzy animation or
anything. If you think it should be a little larger and have some whiz-bang
stuff, let me know. If it’s already too big, let me know. Whatever you
think–let me know!