Alvin Plantinga Speaking This Thursday at 7:30pm

Evolution vs. Atheism: The Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism

Annenberg Auditorium
Thursday, Feb 13
Lecture begins at 7:30pm
Q & A session to follow

A lecture given by Dr. Alvin Plantinga, John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame.

Usually thought to be wedded and even mutually-entailing theses, Dr. Plantinga argues that evolution and naturalism exhibit quite the opposite relationship.

Dr. Plantinga is perhaps best known for his work in the field of epistemology, and recent publications include a trilogy on the subject, consisting in Warrant: the Current Debate, Warrant and Proper Function, and Warranted Christian Belief.

The lecture is sponsored jointly by Campus Crusade for Christ and Cornerstone Ministries.

I STRONGLY encourage you to attend if possible. Alvin Plantinga is one of my personal heroes, and I cannot speak highly enough of his contributions to Christian philosophy and the Body of Christ as a whole. Come and bring a friend!