William Lane Craig on the Historicity of the Resurrection

Just a reminder that William Lane Craig will be speaking tomorrow night (Saturday Feb 22) on “The Historicity of the Resurrection.” (7pm in TC Sequoia Lecture Hall 200).

He spoke tonight at Berkeley on “The Existence of God” and packed Wheeler Auditorium out–by my estimate at least 1,500 students showed up for a facility that could accomodate around 750.

The moral: be sure to arrive early!

I urge you to invite any friends who are wrestling with making or maintaining a commitment to Jesus–His resurrection is the crux of the matter, and Dr. Craig is one of the most effective explainers of the Christian faith on the planet.

From his bio: Dr. William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University in La Mirada, CA. With two doctorates – one in philosophy under the eminent philosopher of religion John Hick and one in theology under arguably the greatest living German theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg – Dr. Craig is widely considered to be a leading figure in the philosophy of religion and the premier evangelical Christian apologist. He has participated in dozens of debates on the existence of God, the foundations of morality, and the contentious claim that salvation is in Christ alone. Furthermore, Dr. Craig has over 175 publications appearing in the best academic and top popular journals and presses. His diverse research interests include the philosophy of religion, the philosophy of time, and New Testament studies. He is the current president of the Evangelical Philosophical Society and the Philosophy of Time Society.

Chi Alpha is one of many Christian organizations on campus co-sponsoring this event: the full list is Asian Baptist Student Koinonia, Cardinal Life, Campus Crusade, Chinese Christian Fellowship, Chi Alpha, Fellowship in Christ, Harvest, InterVarsity, IVGrad, ReJOYce, and United In Christ.