Church Tour: Family Community Church

For the first month of school Chi Alpha is sponsoring a church tour. This week we’ll be visiting Family Community Church in San Jose. It’s a cool church. In fact, it was named the best church in Silicon Valley by the San Jose Mercury News! I’m not sure what a newspaper knows about churches, but that’s still a pretty cool fact.

FCC is a young, energetic, and practical church that I think you’ll really resonate with. Special bonus: this church has both Saturday evening and Sunday morning services. If you find yourself sleeping in on Sunday mornings (and missing church as a result), this just might be the solution you’ve been looking for!

Our rendezvous times will be 4:00pm Saturday and 10:15am Sunday at the Tresidder bus stop.

If you want to come along please email or call us and let us know (our info is on the page at the bottom).

Oh yeah–dress for church is casual.