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XASS: All right. I’m here with Tristan. What year are you? Tristan: I’m a sophomore. XASS: Have you declared a major yet? Tristan: Not yet. I am interested in computer science, psych and econ. XASS: So those are your academic interests. Do you have any personal hobbies? Tristan: I like […]

Tristan – Keeping the Gospel First

XASS: Annika, what year are you and what are you studying? Annika: I’m a junior, and I’m studying classics and linguistics. XASS: Where are you from? Annika: I’m from the Washington, DC, area. So northern Virginia. XASS: What about classics and linguistics is so appealing to you? Annika: My academic outlook […]

Annika – Fight Me!

And I thought that was a really interesting and sort of a savage quote from the Bible. Noah XASS:  Let’s start with the basics. What year are you? Where are you from? What is your major? Noah: Sure. I’m a sophomore. I’m from a beach town in northern San Diego […]

Noah, Emerging Philanthropist