Monthly Archives: April 2003

New Meeting Info

This week's Chi Alpha will start slightly earlier than usual because we are trying out a new schedule that includes half an hour of fellowship with one another. The location will remain the same at Bldg 300-300.

Spring Retreat 2003

He laid hands on me, and I lost control of myself. I saw the images of all the nightmares I ever had flash before me... I felt fear from the nightmares come, and then dissolve away one by one as the Lord told me, 'Be peaceful, be healed.'

Reasons To Believe In God

Note to guests: these are the notes from a message I shared at one of our Chi Alpha meetings. My goal in this message was not to establish Christianity as true, but rather to demonstrate that God's existence is a reasonable belief. Most everything I said applies to any theist, whether Christian, Muslim, or Deist.

Photo Gallery

I've just added a photo gallery. I'm still refining it, but you can see a few photos here. Most of them are in the 'Featured' folder (which is where the random images on every page get pulled from).