About Chi Alpha

Welcome–I hope you had a good journey to get here! If you’re checking out our website for the first time, two links you might want to hit are our tips for freshmen and the story of one of the sophomores in our group. Also, I just ran across an article […]

Welcome To Campus!

Welcome to all the new students coming to Stanford this Fall Quarter. Whether you be a frosh, a transfer student, or a grad student we’re glad you’re here. Please check out our group and consider looking us up once you get to campus! You might find some helpful stuff on […]

Welcome to New Students!

Hi, my name is Shaowei, and I am an international student from Singapore. Knowing the Lord has been the best thing that has ever happened in my whole life. My encounter with the Lord has been one that is full of excitement and joy, but it has not been an […]

My First Year in Stanford

I just upgraded the photo gallery software–the new package is awesome! One of the neatest features is that I can create user accounts for others to upload their digital snaps. If you want an account so you can upload your Stanford Chi Alpha photos, let me know! Check the photo […]

Upgraded Community Photo Gallery

Thrive Spiritually At Stanford Will your faith grow stronger or weaker over the next four years? The choice is yours, and the time to make it is now. Generations of students testify that you can thrive spiritually at Stanford, and the key is to intentionally cultivate your faith. A brief […]

So You’re Coming To Stanford

I've just added a photo gallery. I'm still refining it, but you can see a few photos here. Most of them are in the 'Featured' folder (which is where the random images on every page get pulled from).

Photo Gallery