The Seven Deadly Sins: Envy


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Second message in the series The Seven Deadly Sins
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Speaker: Glen Davis – 2/2/2005

Here’s this week’s handout:

Envy: A Sin-opsis
The Sin Cluster: Envy, Covetousness, Entitlement
The Virtues They Distort: Emulation, Justice
Biblical Stories About:

  • Cain: wanted to best Abel rather than please God (Gen 4:3-12)
  • Saul: could not tolerate David’s success (1 Sam 18-26)
  • Korah: could not abide Moses & Aaron’s authority (Numbers 16)
  • Joseph’s Brothers: driven to a murderous rage by their father’s bias towards Joseph (Gen 37)
  • The False Mother: would rather see the child dead than with another (1 Kings 3:16-28)
  • The Chief Priests: handed Jesus to the Romans because of his popularity (Mark 5:9-10)

According to the Bible, Pride

  • poisons relationships—James 4:1-2, James 3:16, Titus 3:3
  • harms us physically—Prov 14:30
  • pollutes our souls—Mark 7:20-23
  • is opposed to love—1 Cor 13:4
  • is a byproduct of not keeping God in focus—Rom 1:29, Galatians 5:16-26
  • is a big enough deal to make it into the Ten Commandments—Deut 5:21

Some questions
Is jealousy the same thing as envy? If so, what’s up with God being jealous?

Does this mean it’s wrong to want things?

How is envy different from greed or lust?