Look for us at New Student Orientation

If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to check out our Facebook Group.

Also, we’re going to have a table set up on White Plaza (campus map, satellite photo) pretty much every day of NSO. Please stop by and say hello!

  • On Tuesday, you can meet us at the Frosh & Faith Open House on White Plaza from 2-4.
  • On Wednesday, we’ll be out on White Plaza from around 10-2.
  • On Thursday, we’ll be set up on White Plaza from around 10-noon, and then on Canfield Court for an event called GOALIE from 12-2pm. GOALIE is a grad student thing (yup–we gots some o’ dem, too). Depending on our level of energy, we might trudge back over to White Plaza at that point. Then again, we might just go sip lattes somewhere.
  • On Friday, we’ll be back on White Plaza from around 10-2.
  • On Saturday, we’re going to have a brunch picnic on White Plaza from 10:30 until noon.

So why are we so obsessed with tables? Do we have stock in some sort of furniture company? Not at all–we’re just doing what we can. Consider this snippet from an official-type email:

[During NSO] new students may not be contacted by any student group, including SAR organizations, except as follows:
1) Ads may be placed in the Stanford Daily, and flyers may be posted around campus throughout NSO.
2) Information tables are permitted for SAR organizations (at their individual initiative) in White Plaza, starting Wednesday, September 21.
3) Active recruiting and informational efforts will be allowed starting Saturday, September 24.

Put that through a cost/benefit analysis (the Stanford Daily is expensive, flyers are generally a waste of time as you’ll soon see–or rather, as you soon won’t) and you quickly realize that tables are left as our last, best hope.

Take some time to stop by and make our acquaintance!