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Each week at Chi Alpha we record our messages in video and in MP3 format, and we also maintain a sermon archive (which includes instructions on receiving our sermons as a podcast). If you’d like to come visit us next week, you can learn when and where we meet.

This week (2/15/2006) we talk about friendlationships–those awkward situations that aren’t merely friendships and certainly aren’t formal romantic relationships. They just sort of fall in the middle. What do we do when we find ourselves in the midst of one? Includes a lengthy question and answer session. The article I handed out is called Who’s On First.

Note: this message has no relationship to the book of the same name beyond a similarity of title.



Hitting the play button above is the easiest way to listen, but if you prefer to download the message you can click the link below:
MP3 Length: 51:06
MP3 Size: 20 MB

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