Old Testament

Part of our Food For Thought program: a survey of the Old Testament with a particular emphasis on its relevance to Christians.

More detailed notes and links will appear here as we move from week to week. This is a tentative schedule and might change as the seminar rolls along.

Session 1: Jesus in the OT

The fundamental Christian claim about the Old Testament is that the Old Testament is about Jesus (John 5:39, John 5:46, Luke 24:27, Hebrews 4:2). There are four ways he appears in the OT: physically, prophetically, typologically, and thematically.

Session 2: The Pentateuch
Session 3: The Nation
Session 4: The Exile
Session 5: The Prophets
Session 6: The Wisdom Literature
Session 7: The Law and the Gospel
Session 8: The NT Use of the OT
Session 9: The Intertestamental Developments