Students Speak Out

FYI: our very own Shaowei Lin just placed #11 in the Putnam Competition (a nationwide math contest). That’s right. By at least one measure, Shaowei is one of the 11 best college students at math in America. I hear he’s available for tutoring. 🙂

Shaowei Really Is A Genius

Thought everyone might be interested to know that Andrew was so incensed at the French stance on religious garb in schools that he wrote a letter to the editor which was published in the San Jose Mercury News and the Washington Post. In case the links don’t work anymore, you […]

Andrew Gets A Letter in the Paper

While Shaowei Lin has had a website for quite a while, most other Chi Alphans have been slow to get online. Andrew Wright has just launched a website: Andrew’s Pearls. Another Chi Alphan online is Nathaniel Rice, who runs two sites: Randomness From Surfing and Occasional Forays Into Thought. And […]

Chi Alphans Get a Web-Voice

Hi, my name is Shaowei, and I am an international student from Singapore. Knowing the Lord has been the best thing that has ever happened in my whole life. My encounter with the Lord has been one that is full of excitement and joy, but it has not been an […]

My First Year in Stanford

Check it out: our very own Chi Alpha president, Luis Trujillo, is in the Stanford Daily for helping to construct a community center for abused teens, former prostitutes and others in Guatemala: Class designs facility for Guatemalan town. A Stanford architecture class is playing a vital role in the construction […]

Luis Helps To Build Guatemalan Ministry Center