Monthly Archives: November 2003

This Tuesday at 8pm in 300-300, we’ll be talking about How To Be Thank-Full. Some people complain that God put thorns on roses, while others praise Him for putting roses on thorns… Which kind of a person are you? Are you someone to whom gratitude comes naturally? You see, gratitude […]

How To Be Thank-Full

I just got an email from Josh Wong and it contained this exciting little snippet: Ming Fai has also gone to Myanmar! He said that I encouraged him to go there, so I am glad to hear that. He is now driving the production of a movie-CD about Myanmar to […]

Ming Fai (Alumnus) Update

Gunnar Dieckmann will be speaking Tuesday, Nov 4 in 300-300 about the relationship between science and Christianity. Dr. Dieckmann holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry and is also a committed Christian. He wrote a brief essay titled “A Problem Too Hard for Albert Einstein,” which you may find interesting:

Gunnar Diekmann on Science and Religion