Monthly Archives: June 2003

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday 6/24/2003) at 7:00pm we’re having our first Bible study of the summer (directions)! We’re going to be kicking things off with a look at Abraham, the great father of faith. The summer studies will be very application-oriented and not merely philosphical or theological discussions […]

Summer Bible Study Starts Tomorrow

Thrive Spiritually At Stanford Will your faith grow stronger or weaker over the next four years? The choice is yours, and the time to make it is now. Generations of students testify that you can thrive spiritually at Stanford, and the key is to intentionally cultivate your faith. A brief […]

So You’re Coming To Stanford

Fed up with finals? Need a chance to chill? Come party at our place tonight at 7:00pm! You’re on your own for supper, but we will have some snacks available.

Party At Our Place!