I Want A Big Sib!

Christians are truly brothers and sisters, and this is a tangible way to express that. Give us your info and we’ll do our best to find a Big Sib who is a good match for you. The first round of matches will be announced the second week of classes.

What can you expect from your Big Sib?

  1. That they will text you, pray for you, and meet with you. The frequency will change depending on the dynamics of your relationship, but this is the commitment we ask of them.
  2. That they are available for you when you have questions. Reach out to them anytime.
  3. That they will help you build more friendships. We hope you and your Big will really hit it off – that often happens! But even if you two don’t click, your Big will introduce you to other people and there’s a good chance you’ll hit it off with one of them.

What if I already have a big sib from another program?

It’s up to you. You are welcome to sign up for an additional big sib through Chi Alpha or you can talk with your existing big and ask if they’d like to participate in our sib events with you. They are welcome to participate whether they are part of Chi Alpha or not.