Webs Not Wheels

When you’re beginning your life group, it will almost certainly have a wheel structure. As the leader, you will be the hub and the members will be the spokes. Everything will run back through you conversationally, and socially you will be the glue that holds the life group together. Your role as leader is vital, because if you don’t do your thing the group will become unstable and fly apart.

That’s fine for the beginning, but remember that you don’t want to stay at the wheel stage. You want to move from a wheel to a web. A web is a dense network of relationships connecting each member to the others. You are building a vibrant community. This means that in life group conversations should go member to member as well as member to you, and socially people should hang out outside of meeting times. You still have a vital role as the leader. You are no longer the hub that anchors the wheel, you are now the spider that builds and maintains the web.

Build a web and your life group will thrive.