School of Ministry (CMIT)

We are delighted to be one of the training sites for Chi Alpha nationwide (there are over 300 XA groups coast-to-coast).

The Northern California / Nevada Chi Alpha School of Ministry (a Chi Alpha CMIT program) is a ten month training experience designed to prepare you for a career in campus ministry. You will be placed at one of our schools (Stanford, Berkeley, UC Davis, Sac State) to be mentored by a veteran campus pastor.

Over the ten months of the program, you will pursue four key areas of growth:

  1. Prayer
  2. Bible Knowledge
  3. Systematic Theology
  4. Ministry Skills

You can apply at (in the Chi Alpha CMIT model, you apply nationally and are approved locally).

Graduates of our program include:

  1. Marc and Semra Madrigal (Chi Alpha directors at UC Berkeley)
  2. Tim and Emily Oldenkamp (missionaries to France)
  3. Dan and Kayla Gibson (Chi Alpha directors at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs)
  4. John Sillcox (Ph.D. candidate at Fuller Seminary)
  5. Seth Villegas (Ph.D. candidate at Fuller Seminary)
  6. Mack and Courtney Clements (Chi Alpha directors at Ole Miss)
  7. Brandon and Kendra Kertson (Chi Alpha directors at San Diego State University)
  8. Randy Wu (Chi Alpha associate at UC Berkeley)
  9. Marc Afshar (Chi Alpha associate at UC Davis)
  10. Jimmy Homeier (Chi Alpha associate at Sac State Chi Alpha)