Spotlight Series

We’re here with Mr. Toasty, class of 2020 XASS: How did you get the name Toasty? Toasty: So back in middle school I talked about toast *one time*. And then my friends started calling me Toasty and so on my application to Stanford I put Mr. Toasty as my preferred […]

Toasty – Meme Lord Serving the Lord

“I just wanted to hear about doubt and how that applied to life at Stanford.” Today we’re interviewing Hadassah, class of 2022. XASS: Hadassah, welcome. So let’s start with the basic information. Where you from? What’s your family like? Just just give us a sense of who you are. Hadassah: […]

Hadassah, The Newberry Afficianado

“You’re not alone. God does not leave you alone.” C.A.S.S: Hey Fanny! How’re you doing? I’m doing well Brian, how about you? C.A.S.S: I am doing well too. How’s the quarter been? It’s been good. It’s been a challenging quarter; I’m learning a lot of things. What’s new for me […]

Fanny Chen, the Phenomenal Singer.