Spotlight Series

XASS: Annika, what year are you and what are you studying? Annika: I’m a junior, and I’m studying classics and linguistics. XASS: Where are you from? Annika: I’m from the Washington, DC, area. So northern Virginia. XASS: What about classics and linguistics is so appealing to you? Annika: My academic outlook […]

Annika – Fight Me!

And I thought that was a really interesting and sort of a savage quote from the Bible. Noah XASS:  Let’s start with the basics. What year are you? Where are you from? What is your major? Noah: Sure. I’m a sophomore. I’m from a beach town in northern San Diego […]

Noah, Emerging Philanthropist

XASS: Johannes, welcome! What year are you and where are you from? Johannes: I’m a junior and I grew up here in Los Altos. Born in Stanford Hospital. Been here all my life. XASS: Brothers or sisters? Johannes: Nope. Just me. XASS: So what was it like growing up in […]

Johannes – In The Shadow of Stanford

XASS: Let’s start with a little bit about yourself, Deborah. Where are you from and what are you studying? Deborah: I am actually a military kid. So growing up, I moved about ten times to various places around the world. I’m most likely going to be studying international relations with […]

Deborah – Learning To Pray

This interview was conducted by George, so bear that in mind as you read the end. 😂 XASS: Daniel, how are you doing this fine evening? Daniel: Good, good. XASS: Good to hear. Will you please tell me about yourself? Daniel: I am a junior now. It doesn’t feel that […]

Daniel, The Happy Chef

XASS: Minha, what year are you? Minha: I am a junior now. XASS: Wow. What are you studying? Minha: I’m studying mathematical and computational science and minoring in dance. XASS: Interesting. Why that? Minha: Coming into college, I was thinking either math or performance studies. It was my first time […]

Minha – Fighting!

We’re here with Mr. Toasty, class of 2020 XASS: How did you get the name Toasty? Toasty: So back in middle school I talked about toast *one time*. And then my friends started calling me Toasty and so on my application to Stanford I put Mr. Toasty as my preferred […]

Toasty – Meme Lord Serving the Lord

“I just wanted to hear about doubt and how that applied to life at Stanford.” Today we’re interviewing Hadassah, class of 2022. XASS: Hadassah, welcome. So let’s start with the basic information. Where you from? What’s your family like? Just just give us a sense of who you are. Hadassah: […]

Hadassah, The Newberry Afficianado