Antithesis: A Site For Thinking Christians

I just ran across Antithesis, a site that purports to be “a voice from the emerging Christian counterculture.”

That’s overstating the case a bit: there is a real (evangelical) Christian counterculture and these guys ain’t it.

Still, their site is worthwhile. Their basic premise is that North American Christianity has so identified with our society that we cannot stand against it, for that would be to destroy ourselves. Therefore, they have decided to be a voice for true reformation and a call to thoughtful reflection on what it means to be a devoted apprentice of Jesus.

This site is coming from a Reformed tradition (definition: that sort of means they perceive themselves to be following in the footsteps of John Calvin). The reason I mention that is that I don’t agree with all their theology (and actually have some serious points of contention with them), but I still think their family of sites is worth checking out.