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Some key upcoming events:

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Spring Leadership Retreat Friday, May 25 – Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day Weekend). Come join us as we pray, plan, and play in Santa Cruz! Everyone who thinks of Chi Alpha as their spiritual home on campus is welcome – no leadership position is required. $79 if you register before May 1, $99 after. Financial assistance is available. 30 registered: Adam Z, Amy W, Andrew Z, Annika N, Anthea B, Christine W, Connor G, Daniel R, Dorothy K, Dylan L, Elise C, Fanny C, Farouk G, Glen D, Jarrett O, Jesha K, Johannes H, Luke P, McKenna L, Nate M, Nathaniel S, Neville M, Noah H, Paula D, Seoho C, Serena L, Shiwen Z, Sierra H, Tofe A, Uwakmfon I. Come along with us - rsvp now!
Graduating Students’ Dessert Banquet Saturday, June 2 @ 2:30pm Help us celebrate our graduates! Free for graduating students, $10 for everyone else to buy snacks and to give a gift to our graduates. Come even if you can’t pay. 26 registered: Amy W, Ani M, Chloe R, Christos M, Dorothy K, Dylan L, Elise M, Fanny C, Glen D, Grace H, Jarrett O, Jori T, Katie H, Kevin K, Laura C, Lauren N, Leilane S, Lia K, McKenna L, Nate M, Noah H, Paula D, Seoho C, Serena L, Shannon C, Sierra H. Come along with us - rsvp now!