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Some key upcoming events:

What When Who
reFARMation Sunday, Sep 24 10:30am 27 registered: Adam Z, Ademi A, Andrew Z, Anthea B, Christos M, Dumisile M, Fanny C, Glen D, Hannah Z, Hugh Z, Jesha K, Johannes H, Lia K, Marie G, Mary Z, Michael O, Naomi S, Nate M, Nathaniel S, Neville M, Noah H, Paula D, Serena L, Sharon H, Shiwen Z, Sierra H, Uwakmfon I. Come along with us - rsvp now!
The Annual XA “I Survived My First Day Of Classes at Stanford” Party Mon, Sep 25 6:00pm 14 registered: Andrew Z, Ani M, Christina L, Dylan L, Fanny C, Glen D, Grace H, Min R, Nathaniel S, Noah H, Paula D, Serena L, Shiwen Z, Sierra H. Come along with us - rsvp now!
Worship Team S’Mores Sat Sep 30, 7pm be the first to rsvp!
Fall Campout Fri Nov 3-Sat Nov 4 or
just Sat Nov 4 – you have options
1 registered: Glen D. Don't let them be lonely - rsvp now!
West Coast SALT: Outpouring Jan 12-15, 2018 Join hundreds of XA students from over 30 campuses over MLK weekend. Register at