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First Spring Picnic

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Friday April 12, noon Our Friday picnics are beginning again! Let us know you’re coming so we bring enough food!
19 registered: Aaron S, Andrew Z, Annika N, Bear K, Dana D, Daniel R, Deborah J, Dorothy K, Emily L, Glen D, Jesha K, Jose A, Katherine S, McKenna L, Noah H, Paula D, Riley D, Serena L, Shiwen Z. Come along with us - rsvp now!

Special Dinner

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Saturday April 20 6-8pm Come celebrate Easter at Chi Alpha Special Dinner
71 registered: Aaron S, Agneta V, Alex H, Alexis D, Andrew Z, Annika N, Antonio A, Brickelle B, Chakia H, Chris R, Christina H, Christine W, Connor G, Dana D, Dani B, Daniel P, Daniel R, Daniel R, Dani’s R, Deborah J, Dorothy K, Emily R, George L, Glen D, Grace B, Grace K, Guest 1, Guest , Hadassah B, Hannah P, James L, Jesha K, Jessica G, Joanne L, Joceline Y, Johannes H, Jonathan L, Josh T, José L, Julea C, Justin O, Justin's G, Lauryn L, Madeline S, Malaika K, McKenna L, Melina W, Michael K, Michelle L, Minha K, Mirna E, Myriam Y, Naomi S, Nate L, Nathaniel S, Neville M, Noah H, Pau A, Paula D, Riley D, Sarah T, Seoho C, Serena L, Shiwen Z, Sophia S, Sydney H, To b, Uwakmfon I, Xander D, YuYun Y, Zaya B. Come along with us - rsvp now!

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