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The Apostles’ Creed: I Believe In God The Father Length: 45:23 Size: 25 MB Format MP3 Speaker: Glen Davis – 4/28/2004 [FLASH],200,35[/FLASH] “I believe in God the Father almighty…” So begins the Apostles’ Creed–one of the earliest expressions of the Christian faith. How likely is it that such a being […]

I Believe In God the Father Almighty

UPDATE: Easter party photos are now online Hey everyone–Paula and I are having an Easter party at our place this Sunday at 5pm. We’ll have pizza, easter eggs, and lots of candy! Just in case you were wondering, we will not be whipping the Easter bunny.

Easter Party Sunday 5pm

What Is Faith? Length: 44:22 Size: 15 MB Format MP3 Speaker: Curt Harlow, from the Chi Alpha National Leadership Team – 4/6/2004 [FLASH],200,35[/FLASH] Summary: Faith is not emotionalism, rationalism, or hyper confidence. Faith is trust, and everyone has it. The question is: who do you trust?

What Is Faith? (Curt Harlow)

Living A Life of Purpose Length: 37:02 Size: 13 MB Format MP3 Speaker: Dennis Gaylor – 3/30/2004 [FLASH],200,35[/FLASH] The national director of Chi Alpha showed up at our meeting and spoke!

Living A Life of Purpose (Dennis Gaylor)

A Moment Everlasting Length: 24:28 Size: 8 MB Format MP3 Speaker: Glen Davis – 3/2/2004 [FLASH],200,35[/FLASH] Summary: I tried something a little different in this message and had two scriptures (2 Corinthians 5:10 and Matthew 12:36) projected up behind me the entire time and I did not directly quote them. […]

A Moment Forever Frozen In Time (Glen Davis)

Prelude to the Passion Length: 31:18 Size: 9 MB Format MP3 Speaker: Glen Davis – 2/24/2004 [FLASH],200,35[/FLASH] Summary: Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ will confuse a lot of people, so this is an attempt to explain what Christ’s death accomplished. It’s pretty important that you look at […]

Prelude to the Passion (Glen Davis)