Text Message Announcements

We have a low-volume (2-3 messages per week) text message announcements system. It’s the modern equivalent of ringing the church bells to remind people that service is about to begin.

If you want to be kept in the loop, text JOIN to (650) 352-3647. We suggest you save the number in your contact list as XA (or Chi Alpha if you really want a first name and a last name).

If you ever want to stop receiving messages, text STOP to the same number.

You can always receive these instructions by texting HELP to the same number.

You can get a sense of the volume by looking at our most recent text messages:

When Text Message
Tue, Nov 19 @ 7:02pm Let’s offer God our thanksgiving at 7:30pm in 530-127! Bonus: Noah Hoech will be sharing part of the sermon tonight, so come encourage him!
Wed, Nov 13 @ 6:59pm Turn out for worship! 7:30pm in Koret Pavilion.
Tue, Nov 12 @ 7:00pm Join us for Chi Alpha at 7:30pm in 530-127 –> “Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.” Ps 95:1
Wed, Nov 6 @ 6:58pm Get ready to praise! 7:30pm in Koret Pavilion!
Tue, Nov 5 @ 7:00pm Worship begins at 7:30 in 530-127. Come celebrate God and learn from His word!
Wed, Oct 30 @ 6:59pm Get ready for Wednesday worship! 7:30pm Koret Pavilion. Special alumni testimony tonight from Dr. Christos Makridis!
Tue, Oct 29 @ 7:04pm Here is your Tuesday reminder: worship begins at 7:30pm in 530-127. You won’t want to miss the first song!
Wed, Oct 23 @ 7:00pm Tonight will be exciting: worship at 7:30pm in Koret Pavilon with a baptism following at 9:30 in the Old Union Courtyard fountain. Come celebrate!
Tue, Oct 22 @ 7:00pm Feeling tired? Join us as we talk about entering God’s rest. 7:30 in 530-127. Everyone is welcome!
Wed, Oct 16 @ 7:00pm Come hear Dr James Tour talk about how his faith has driven his career in science. Everyone is welcome! 7:30pm in Koret Pavilion
Tue, Oct 8 @ 7:04pm Come to XA at 7:30pm in 530-127 . This is our only worship service this week, and it’s going to be so exciting to have us all together in one place!
Wed, Oct 2 @ 7:01pm Wednesday worship 7:30pm in Koret Pavilion. Everyone is welcome!

FYI the worship team sounds great tonight!

Tue, Oct 1 @ 7:01pm Get ready for Chi Alpha week two! Join us tonight at 7:30pm in 530-127 (behind MemChu) – everyone is welcome!
Wed, Sep 25 @ 7:00pm Wednesday night worship begins at 7:30pm in Koret Pavilion. Everyone is welcome! Map at http://xastanford.org/events/meetings/
Tue, Sep 24 @ 7:02pm Get ready! Our first Tuesday worship service of the quarter kicks off at 7:30pm in 530-127 (behind Mem Chu) – map at https://xastanford.org/events/meetings